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Peos Stipend

Per-Olof “Peo” Persson was during 1989-1993 chairman of Positiva Gruppen Syd and a pioneer in raising awareness for hiv and aids both in southern Sweden and nationally. Peo died in 1995, and since 1996 a stipend has been awarded in his name.


The year is 1995 and its the funeral of one of the most active voices within the hiv/aids movement in Sweden. A purple coffin, wide open and Peo is dressed in his leather pants, vest and boots.
The coffin was purple and wide open. The reason for an open coffin at the funeral was that Peo wanted to be sure everyone could see he was dead with their own eyes. The death of Peo came just three months prior to the triple combination became available, the treatment that would be the difference of life and death.

Per-Olof Mikael Persson, commonly referred to as “Peo” was born on the 26th of February in 1962. Peo worked in Alnarp before he devoted his life to work with hiv and aids. 1989 – 1993 he was the chariman of Positiva Gruppen Syd and during 1991-1993 also the vice chairman of the national hiv organization RFHP (today Hiv-Sweden).

Peo died in 1995, 33 years old. Peos mother Ingrid was interviewed about Peo in 2012 for the book Hivernation by Miguel Ángel Fraga and the interview has served as a foundation for how we portray Peo.

For 20 years Positiva Gruppen Syd has awarded the Peo Stipend, an award originally installed by Peos mother Ingrid after Per-Olof Perssons death, to people who have been acting in the spirit of Peo.

”It was my idea, I learned that Per-Olof was afraid of being forgotten”

Peos mother in an interview 2012

Peo was a pioneer in the work for people living with hiv. An advocate and spokesperson, often seen in media and on tv. For many people, Peo gave a memorable impression and mark. Despite becoming sick, he continued his work to give hiv and aids a face, and help others in need. He agreed to tests and experimental treatments when queried by the doctors, in the spirit to find some form of treatment for the virus.

For us its important for the legacy of Peo to contine to live on. His memorial stipend has been awarded to one or two persons living with hiv and working to improve the conditions for people living with hiv every year since 1996.

We hope that Peos Stipend will continue to inspire and incentivize people to improve the lifes of people living with hiv, and also serve as reminder of Peo and his fighting spirit.

Peos mother Ingrid whom created the stipend, left us in 2015, the story about Peo and her thoughts on his life can be found in the book Hivernation from 2012.

You are not forgotten!

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The stipend is based solely on donations. For the continued work with hiv and rememberance of Peo...

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