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Our organization

Who are we, what is our goal and how is the association managed

About us

Positiva Gruppen Syd was formed in 1987, by and for people living with HIV, as a peer support group for people living with HIV. Today Positiva Gruppen Syd is an organization working for anyone living with HIV regardless of gender, sex, nationality, ethnicity or other intersectional differences – with the purpose to increase the well being and quality of life for people living with HIV.

A great deal has changed since 1987. HIV has transformed from being a deadly disease into a chronic condition. Nowadays we say people living with HIV, which means that those of us living with HIV now need to learn to live with the virus. At the same time there is a need to bring this knowledge to the general public, and increase the understanding of what living with HIV is like.

Medically we have come along way, but there are still issues with stigma and health disparities for people living with HIV. We aim to change that for the better.

Would you like us to lecture about hiv?

Contact us! We gladly visit schools, public events and organizations to talk about HIV.

Our work

To increase the quality of lives for people living with hiv and increase the public knowledge about HIV we are working in three areas:

Social contact & meet up

Provide and encourage meetings between people living with HIV, which in turn enables knowledge exchange and peer support. Facilitate connections so people living with hiv with ease can connect to others with HIV, both offline and online.

Systematic peer support

Anyone newly diagnosed or living with HIV should have access to information about peer support at their HIV clinic. Information should be provided equally and consistently to ensure everyone is granted the opportunity to improve their health through peer support.

Information & Education

Actively increase accessibility to information about HIV, as well as promote stories about living with HIV. To provide meetings between people living with hiv and the public in order to decrease HIV stigma and and increase knowledge about HIV.

Do you want to know more about previous years work? Read more in our annual reports (Swedish only)

Our team


Project leader

Anton has a specialist degree in PR and Advertising from Russia. He has previously worked in marketing in international pharmaceutical and medical device companies. This year he gets a master’s degree in Leadership & Organization. He has a great interest in music and likes to explore different cultures. He has lived with hiv since 2011 and has also sat in PG South’s board, an assignment that is currently on hiatus. Anton is passionate about helping other people and combating hiv related stigma.


Operational manager

Conni is a trained assistant nurse with further training in psychiatry and substance abuse. He has previously worked as a coordinator, social worker and most recently as a youth therapist in addiction, crime and mental illness.
In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, decorating and to spend time in nature. He has lived with HIV since 2015 and was awarded the Positiva Gruppen Syd´s honorary nomination in 2019 when he also took up the role of chairman.



Project assistent

Elin has a degree in anthropology and international development from the United Kingdom, where she has been living the past ten years. She has previously worked as a project lead in sexual health, within the nonprofit sector. Having recently returned to Malmö she is continuing her education studying a masters in public health, from which she graduates next year. The interest for culture and people has continued to grow since her degree, and during her spare time she likes to travel, read, and visit museums. Elin has met and worked close to people living with HIV. At the moment, Elin is at Positiva Gruppen Syd working over the summer and will do her internship here in the autumn. She will work on the core projects as well as supporting the new chemsex project. 


Project assistent

Hannah is a trained addiction therapist and has been working in the field of social work for the past 10 years. She has also worked in social psychiatry and with women’s health. Soon she will get her certification as a relationship therapist. Hannah has a next of kin perspective on HIV and will work to strengthen the well-being of people living with the diagnosis and increase knowledge about HIV in society. Hannah will work with Anton in project ChemWise.

She likes to spend her free time with family, friends, music and everything that life has to offer.


Project leader

Joost has studied cultural geography in Groningen, the Netherlands. Before he worked in Sweden he worked amongst others in the public sector and the cultural sector.
Joost is interested to discover his new home country and also likes to cycle and walk in his spare time.
He has been living with HIV since 2013 and after he was part of Positiva Gruppens board he is our new colleague since june 2022.


Project leader

Linda is a trained sociologist and has previously worked in the private sector as operations manager and also transcribed the book Hivernation (2012). Linda enjoys practicing pilates, reading books and spending time with family and friends. Linda has a next of kin perspective on HIV and you can turn to her for support or requests for how we can work for you.

The board

A new board is elected every year at the annual general meeting, which usually takes place at the end of February.

The current board (elected februari 22nd, 2024) consists of the chair, a vice-chair, tree commissioners and two deputy commissioners. From May 7th we have the constellation you can read beneath: 

Temporarily Chair: Kim Plunteman

Vice-chair: Suzana Vrabac

Commissioners: Alaa, Carlos and Marcus

Deputy commissioner: Baha 


The current board (from left to right: Marcus, Kim, Suzana, Carlos, Alaa)

Moreover we do have two persons that do take place in the election committee: Hasse & Sergio.

The election committee: Hasse & Sergio

Read our charter and regulations

Positiva Gruppen Syd is a non profit association. The charter and regulations directs our work and strategic decision making.

If you would like to get in touch with the board, contact

Ethical foundation

Positiva Gruppen Syd, together with the organization HIV-Sweden, has adopted an ethical foundation which is based on the human rights.

  • The human rights covers everyone and we protect equal rights for all and the right to best possible healthcare
  • We reject any discriminatory or stigmatizing acts against people living with HIV, as well as discriminatory legislation and praxis
  • People living with HIV owns the absolute right to speak on matters concerning people living with HIV, and should always be meaningfully involved in issues that concerns them

As an organization we also adheres to four basic principles – Openness, percipiency, aware of norms and accessibility. Read more about what this means for us in practice in the current three year plan.