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Meet others

Talk to someone who understands and is living with hiv. Share experiences and grow – for a better life with hiv

By people with hiv - for people with hiv

We understand you, for real. Through activities, meet ups and gatherings we support each other and exchange experiences, for a better life with hiv. From group meet ups, a spontaneous coffee chat or an online buddy, our network gathers people from all walks of life living with hiv. We meet on a regular basis in Malmö, but from time to time also arrange meet ups in Blekinge, Småland and Halland, offering you a chance to connect to others and have fun. Want to know more? Check out our calendar where we list our meet ups, parties and activities kalender

New with hiv

We arrange meet ups for those of you newly diagnosed or never met anyone else living with hiv. The meet ups are informal and usually we meet over a coffee, lunch or dinner in Malmö.

Group activities

Dinners, excursions, workshops and more for people living with hiv in southern Sweden.


Join our Facebook group for people living with hiv and get new insights and friends. Share experiences and meet others to talk to – available 24/7 – wherever you are.


Talk to someone who really gets it – meet a peer for a coffee or walk around town, or in our relaxed office space.


Drop by and say hi. We have scheduled drop-ins for get togethers and just hanging out. We provide snacks, soft drinks and a safe space. Check out the calendar for time and day!

Frequently asked questions

Im worried my status will be exposed if I visit you

We do not keep records of who visits or calls us. You should feel safe that your status is yours only to talk about.

Why should I meet other people living with hiv?

People usually express a relief to talk with someone that has experienced a similar situation. Hiv is still stigmatized and by many rarely talked about openly. To share experiences, practical advice and thoughts can be very liberating as its decreases the feeling of isolation.

Where do you usually meet?

We usually meet in our office at Jörgen Ankersgatan 12 in Malmö. We have a relaxing living space where its possible to sit down and socialize without anyone disturbing us.

I dont live in Malmö, can I still visit/join you?

We might even be able to cover your expenses for traveling if you visits us. Get in touch and well see what we can do.

What languages do you speak?

We speak English, Swedish and Thai. At our group activites we adapt to whomever is attending. Most often it turns out to be a mix of Swedish and English. We can also book a translator.

Do you recommend a certain group for me?

No, what we have in common is hiv. Whatever you might identify as, or how you label yourself, we are open to you. Do feel welcome 🙂

When is the next activity?

Check out our calendar where we list all our activities. If you want to join the Facebook group or meet someone on a one-to-one basis, just contact us!