Update of pgsyd.se – Welcome to our new website!

After four years it was time for a change. With the new website we hope to be able to deliver knowledge and information for all people living with or affected by hiv in southern Sweden. We have created a whole new design and layout, which hopefully makes it both easy intuitive to find whatever you are looking for in terms of hiv, regardless if you are reading this from a mobile phone, tablet och desktop computer.

Compared to our old version, all the content has been either updated or replaced by new content. We also hope the themes and topics we choose to include feels relevant and provides an image to what hiv is in 2020. A major new feature is the addition of English language, all pages in Swedish are also available in English.

The coming months will be spent to tweak, update and iterate where needed. If you have feedback or just want to ask something, feel free to reach out. We hope you enjoy the site and finds answers to your questions, otherwise we are available on the chat or just send us an email info@pgsyd.se