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Become a peer, volunteer or member

There are several ways to get involved in our work, and no matter how you get involved – you can contribute, both actively and passively.

Empower others with your own experiences through peer support

Become a peer - your experience can make the difference

Peer, or Personal Self-Experienced Resource which is another term used in Swedish, is a knowledgeable supportive buddy. Peer support means that people who have been or are going through similar experiences give each other support.

Living with hiv means navigating medical, social, sexual and legal aspects. As a peer, you can help support, strengthen and break isolation and loneliness. With your experiences as a person living with hiv, you can help someone else who is going through a similar journey, and reflect on the unique problems that comes with an hiv diagnosis.

In practice, this may mean that a person who has recently contracted hiv is supported by a person who has already lived with HIV for some time. Peer support aims to give both people (or more in the case of a peer group) a sense of support that contributes to increased well-being.

Are you curious and want to know more? Contact Us!

Yes, the only criteria is to be living with hiv.

As a peer, you have the opportunity to strengthen and support others who live with hiv with your experience. The role as a peer can involve providing both practical tips and advice (for example prepare for doctor visits and care contacts) as well as emotional and social support. No matter what type of support you provide, your support can help others living with hiv to live a better life with hiv.

As a peer with us, you will start off with an introduction training. Through the training, you get tools that you can combine with your own experience to be able to support others in a good way. You then choose how you want to support and help others through peer support. You can, among other things, answer questions online, participate in activities or tell your story to others so that they can contact you. You decide how you want to make yourself available as a peer.

Contribute as a volunteer in campaigns and projects

Become a volunteer - your effort can make the difference

To volunteer at Positiva Gruppen Syd means that you actively contribute to giving people living with HIV a better life with hiv.

You can choose to volunteer from home, with us here in the office or during any campaign or event. We always try to match your motivation and ambition with a meaningful project or task, but if you are good at taking care of simpler chores, it is also more than welcome.

Our volunteers have previously produced material, edited photos, attended and helped at events such as World Aids Day and distributed material to schools and universities. Maybe you have some knowledge, contacts or skills that you think can be useful?

Get in touch! We often have several projects running at the same time.

Anyone who wants and/or feels that they want to contribute can become a volunteer. It is not a requirement to live with hiv or be a member / peer.

We do not pay any compensation for your time, but we reimburse expenses that are linked to the volunteering. This can be, for example, travel costs, food and materials and other expenses.

Yes, we have the opportunity to receive interns. Contact us and tell us a little about yourself, and why you would like to intern with us.

Support the fight against stigma and ignorance

Become a member - your support can make the difference

By becoming a member you are helping us support people living with hiv and spread awareness about hiv among the public. Your membership also gives us the opportunity to strengthen, support and increase knowledge about hiv in all areas of society.

We envision a future where no one should be afraid, feel shame or doubt to talk openly about their status. Where hiv does not entice fear and discrimination, nor brings out irrational behavior because of lack of knowledge.

We care about you and all other people one way or another affected by hiv. To become member means we are working for you!


Worried that your name might pop up somewhere and reveal your status?
To even have to address this issue should be reason enough to become a member….
However, for peace of mind you can rest assure you are safe with us. We do not keep records of personal details of who became a member or joined what activity. We ensure that all information you provide us with, or whatever you might tell us, stays here and is not shared by any person, organization or other entity outside the organization.


A membership at Positiva Gruppen Syd can be as anonymous as you wish. If you would like to gain access to our benefits we only need an email adress, but even this would be kept strictly kept within the organization. You can also become a member under a fictive namne, if you would like full anonymity.

You are safe with us

As member you are entitled to


Updates about hiv, care and services in our region as well as the latest knowledge about hiv

Support and friendship

Join us on any of our activities or meet another member over a fika to talk and share experiences

An opportunity for change

Provide us and our projects with feedback, ideas and your thoughts. We can scale up projects, reach out to people and put things into motion

Right to vote

Make your voice heard at our annual general meeting, which traditionally also is a festive and social gathering!

A big thank you

From all people living with hiv, that feels encouraged and strengthened by our work and support


Our network spans all over Sweden as well as the nordics and other countries, meet new people and grow!

The membership fee is 100kr per year

Secure your annual membership by a payment of 100kr to bankgiro number 576-2844 or use Swish number 1236554422.

For a swift and easy payment, scan the QR code below in the Swish app.

You can also become a member under a fictive name, if you would like full anonymity. You are safe with us