A podcast POSITIVT miniseries: Diana – My journey with hiv

A couple of weeks ago, we recorded two episodes where Linda interviews Diana. We are now releasing episode 1 of 2 of this miniseries in English.

Diana is originally from Peru but moved to Sweden and Malmö after living and working several years in Spain. In this first episode, we hear Diana talk about, among other things, the time when she suddenly started to fall asleep just about everywhere, which became the first sign that something might not be right. The conversation also revolves around telling others about your HIV status and how to live well with HIV, even in times of adversity.

Episode two of this miniseries will be published ahead of World Aids Day, as part of our World Aids Week. You can listen to the podcast on our podcast page here: https://www.pgsyd.se/podcasten-positivt/ or directly on Youtube: https://youtu.be/xf7ldNReM5o